In teaching, I aim to both stimulate interest and knowledge in the subject area but also to develop key skills which benefit all students regardless of their academic specialty. On the first point, I emphasize active learning strategies to help students connect with the material and make it a more lasting experience.  On the latter, I use assignments to emphasize and develop critical reasoning skills, in addition to fostering an ability to assess the credibility of information content.

I have been a TA for many courses, including Introduction to International Relations (3 times), Introduction to Comparative Politics, Introduction to Political Science, and International Organizations. Of these, I have taught discussion sections for Intro to Comparative Politics and Intro to Political Science, with 4 sections total. I am also scheduled to teach a course on the politics of international finance in the Spring Semester of 2018 at Michigan State.

For more information, please download my Statement of Teaching Philosophy as well as sample syllabi for courses I have prepared.