I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses in International Political Economy and International Organizations and Law, at Michigan State University as well as Carnegie Mellon (CMU). Beyond those courses, I have teaching experience in Introductory International Relations courses, Comparative Politics, and Political Science (previewing the major subfields of the discipline). I will be teaching a new course in the Spring Semester 2020 at CMU titled, "Foundations of Political Economy", serving as an entry point to the economics which underpin much of the political world we observe.

In teaching, I strive to accomplish multiple goals. First, I attempt to facilitate learning by designing current events assignments and class discussions to facilitate connections from the material to the real world. This has proven effective, as it is not only stimulating and enlightening, but providing students with memorable experiences. Additionally, as the world has become increasingly data oriented, I encourage students to use real-world data and conduct their own preliminary analyses (which they present to the class) in order to better understand an area of interest to them. Course assignments also emphasis strategic and critical thinking skills. In these ways, I push students to sharpen their data, analytic and critical reasoning skills, while at the same time gaining deeper understanding of the subject matter at hand.

For more information, please download my Statement of Teaching Philosophy as well as sample syllabi for courses I have either taught or prepared.